About Me




‘Extra-ordinary’ – Leeds College of Art end of year show – 10th to 15th June – Vernon Street site – Event details

‘Liable to Flood’ – Wakefield Mental Health Museum – 10th May to 29th Septempber – Museum opening times

My name is Emma Christie.

I live in the north of England, Yorkshire to be precise. Currently at Leeds College of Art as a mature student studying Art and Design, after a youth and early adulthood exploring the sciences and psychology.

I love that my art can make people smile, and bring light to taboo subjects close to my heart. I like to have a positive impact in this world, even if some of my work is a little dark at times. Most of my work is created to directly spread happiness around those with my pieces, but I also hope that if I am open to share darker parts of myself, that more people can talk about what holds them down, and changes for the better can happen in our world.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like what I add to this site over time.


Contact e-mail: by.emmachristie@gmail.com